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The majority of my work is custom projects. I work with you to make your ideas come to life; therefore, pricing is different for every project and subject to change. Here are some general ideas of my pricing. 


Simple Monogram

Starting at $8

I can monogram in many sizes and on many items, but a simple monogram is a monogram of a standard size on easy to embroider items such as a shirt, a towel, a tote bag, an apron and other items that fit under the embroidery machine easily. 



Digitizing Fee

Starting at $15

With embroidery digitizing software I can transform an image or text into stitches, which makes a file the embroidery machine can read and embroider. This means that images from company logos to your child’s art can be transformed into embroidery. 



Polo Shirt - Left Chest Embroidery

Starting at $7.50

Names or logos on polos are great for organizations and companies. The Polo Shirt-Left Chest embroidery is the small embroidery on the left side chest of the polo shirt. 




tool bag
monogrammed t-shirt
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