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03 Do you provide samples? 


For monograms I am happy to show you a digital image of what the monogram will look like. For more custom items, like company logos, I can provide a stitch-out sample. My goal is to always make sure you are happy with the product you are going to get. 


01 Where are you located? Do you ship? 


I am located in Lake Highlands in Northeast Dallas, Texas. I can ship smaller items anywhere in the continental U.S.A. 

02 Do you do screenprinting?


Unfortunately I do not, but I do digitize! This means I can take your image and make it into an embroidered image for a small fee. 

05 Can you do large orders? 


Of course! In fact I often do large orders of embroidered polos for businesses that look very professional. I also love to do work for school groups or organizations of any size. 

04 Can you embroider anything? 


Almost anything! Check out my portfolio and you'll see the options are endless. There are some more challenging items to embroider depending on size and material, so please contact me and ask about your specific item. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Don't see your question here? 

Contact me and I would be happy to answer it.

monogrammed quilt

06 What are your hours? 


I do not keep normal hours because my projects often have me running all over the city. Please visit by appointment only. 

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