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Family Established Burlap





Available in two sizes, framed or unframed and in two designs, this rustic and classic family sign is a great wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift. The embroidery stitching on the burlap adds interesting texture and dimension to your customized sign. Our two designs are named after two vintage movie stars. The Hepburn design showcases the last name  and emphasizes the warmth of family. The Monroe design features the large, eye-grabbing last initial with the couples first names intersecting it. Framed Family Established Burlaps are sewn into the frame to ensure it never moves from its perfect placement. 


Regular Size Framed: 8" x 10" (perimeter 13 1/8" x 11 1/8") 

Large Size Framed: 11" x 14" (perimeter 17 1/4" x 14 1/4")


Design 1: Hepburn

Design 2: Monroe


Material: Burlap cloth in a black frame




Regular Size Framed: $45

Regular Size Unframed: $25

Large Size Framed: $60

Large Size Unframed: $35


Embroidery and Monogram Included


Give us the two first names of the couple, their last name, plus the year they were married or established and we will embroider their story onto the burlap. 

Return Policy


Items cannot be returned because they are customized to be your personal creation. If you ever have a concern with an item please contact me and I will work hard to get you what you want. 


Subject to Availability


All items subject to availability.


Large Orders


For orders larger than 10 please contact me at so that we can ensure there is enough stock to fit your needs.


Product Timeline and Delivery


Your item will be ready to ship or pick up in 1-2 weeks (Ship time is additional to the 1-2 weeks). You may choose to pick up your order at no cost or have your item shipped for:


1-2 Items $6 

3-5 items $13

6-10 items $20

11 & up please call


Shipping only available for the continental United States. 


Hepburn Design

Hepburn Design

Hepburn Design

Hepburn Design

Monroe Design

Monroe Design

Monroe Design

Monroe Design

Monroe Design

Monroe Design

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