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Biggest Fan Jersey



All Included

All Included

Name Across Back

Name Across Back

Extra Icon & Extra Title

Extra Icon & Extra Title

All Included

All Included



Are you really proud of your involved student and your school? The biggest fan jersey is the best attire for any sporting event such as Friday night football and  college game day. All jerseys have a slight v-neck appropriate for men and women. Each jersey has at least two colors, one main color and an accent color striped on the sleeve. Check out the t-shirt colors  here. The jerseys come only in men sizes. 


The embroidery adds school and family pride with at least 3 components. (1) It features a large relationship word in the center so everyone can know you are the student's Mom, Dad, Uncle, Grandma, Sweetie or more! (2) It also includes an involvement word so that everyone can know what your student does such as band, cheer, drill team, baseball or any other involvement. (3) Finally it includes an icon to add charm to the jersey. Check out the available icons here. 


Additional icons can be purchased as well and I can add a name on the back of the jersey. If what you are envisioning does not fit into these parameters please contact me through my contact page. I would love to talk to you and make a biggest fan jersey completely custom to you and your student's involvement.  


Material: 100% Cotton




Biggest Fan Jersey: $28

Additional Icon: +$5

Name on back of jersey: +$10 


Embroidery Included


The biggest fan jersey comes with the involvement word in cursive, the relationship word in large athletic font and one icon. Embroidery thread color will match the arm band accent color. For every additional icon it is +$5. For a name on the back of the jersey in an athletic font it is an additional +$1


School Shirt Color Combination Suggestions


Richardson High School          Purple/Gold

Lake Highlands High School   Red/White/Black

Pierce High School                   Red/White

Berkner Hign School                Kelly Green/White

University of Texas                   Texas Orange/White

Texas A&M                                 Maroon/White

TCU                                             Purple/White

SMU                                           Red/White


Return Policy


Items cannot be returned because they are customized to be your personal creation. If you ever have a concern with an item please contact me and I will work hard to get you what you want. 


Subject to Availability


All items subject to availability.


Large Orders


For orders larger than 10 please contact me at so that we can ensure there is enough stock to fit your needs.


Product Timeline and Delivery


Your item will be ready to ship or pick up in 1-2 weeks (Ship time is additional to the 1-2 weeks). You may choose to pick up your order at no cost or have your item shipped for:


1-2 Items $6 

3-5 items $13

6-10 items $20

11 & up please call


Shipping only available for the continental United States. 


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